What is Pumpflix?

Pumpflix began in early 2006, installing a state of the art digital video network combined with high quality gas pump advertising toppers, to provide our customers with a highly affordable turnkey advertising solution. With this medium we can market ads to over 200,000 captive customers a month across our many central coast locations as people refuel their vehicles. Now with over 4 stations and 32 screens of live news, weather and eye catching ads, we can get your message to stand out on the street. Our digital signage network can help to jumpstart your advertising campaign.

A cost effective way to reach new customers

Driving customers to your business can be a challenge. Newspaper readership is down, radio is reaching fewer listeners, and digital recording devices are helping consumers skip past television ads. The good news is there is a new way to reach a captive audience and cost effectively target local customers. PumpfFlix!!

Is pump-top advertising effective?

Yes! The average customer spends 4.5 minutes filling up and as a captive audience they are particularly receptive to messages.

  • Customers are entertained at the pump with engaging content including local weather, news and sports that are provided as a continuous news feed at the bottom of the display.
  • Customers also see promotions for convenience store products and other available services

Proven Media

Studies on the effectiveness of pump-top advertising shows:

  • 90% of respondents indicated they watched or listened to pump-top advertising while refueling their vehicle.
  • An overwhelming majority of survey respondents consistently indicated their likelihood to purchase the products featured in
    pump-top advertising with as much as 89% of consumers willing to purchase the featured product after viewing the ad.
  • Industry research conducted over the last two years with Nielsen has consistently demonstrated very strong advertising effectiveness with up to 70% of consumers recalling one or more ads.
  • Your Gas Pump display reaches a captive audience.
  • Gas Pump displays are viewed by an average of 27,750 customers per service station each month.*
  • The average consumer visits a gas station 5 times per month.
  • Gas Pump displays are al weatherproof, maintained and well lit.
  • With Gas Pump displays you can strategically target local and regional zip codes.
  • Production costs are low.
  • Gas Pump displays are located at service stations on highways and in residential neighborhoods.
  • Gas Pump displays are the perfect alternative where city ordinances and laws restrict the usage of other billboards and signage.
  • Gas Pump displays are a medium that offers ‘reach and frequency’.
  • Consumers spend 3-5 minutes filling their gas tank next to your advertisement**

*Based on a national average of 500 vehicles per day and 1.85 passengers per vehicle. Information from the National Association of Convenience Store.
**Information from the U.S. Department of Transportation.

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